Dear Friends,

whether the war threatened by the U.S. against Iraq will really be waged remains yet undecided. Military deployments and war rhetoric have become part of our everyday lives but at the same time, protest and resistance of war resisters, pacifists and anti-militarists is gaining visibility.

We want this visibility to permeate our daily lives. This is why we have printed posters and stickers bearing the NO WAR logo.

NO WAR these words are internationally understood and have appeared as part of protest marches in different countries. This means: A worldwide anti-war movement is already on the way.

NO WAR is self-explanatory and shows in a simple fashion: "I am against the war."

NO WAR, whether on windows, doors or cars, sends a clear signal in everyday life: "I represent an anti-war position. And I want to make it publicly known."

NO WAR, if it appears in large numbers and with high visibility, means: "I am not isolated with this position. There are many of us."

The logo-campaign is a part of an international and non-violent movement. To stop the war is our mark.

"See it!" Please, publish this proclamation in newspapers, magazines, bulletins, circular... and over your own mail-list. Graphic see download-field on the mainpage

In our side you can find the text of proclamation in german, english, french, spanish , dutch and arabic. You can help us to translate the flyer in other languages.

With peace-loving greetings


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